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Welcome to the NEW CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) Merseyside & North Wales website, we have been working on the site all summer with the help of our web designer Steve Boyle, who we would like to thank for putting together such a fantastic site.

The aim of the new site is to give you, the regions members a more user freindly experience, the site is packed full of information (with more to be added) on news and events from our region and the latest news coming out of HQ.

As you can see there are many new areas which have been added to the old sections, we trust these new areas will make it easy for you to navigate and find the information that you require.

We have added a page for the Regional Almoner, there are many members out there who in hard times times need a little help and may not know who to turn to or about the hard work done by the CIBSE Benevolent Fund. This page will provide some vital information to assist, for those of you who can spare a little spare change and believe charity starts at home, please make a donation to the fund to help out those not as fortunate.

We have also introduced a Blog to make it easier for you the member to pass on your comments and suggestions to the committee and other members, we hope that you like the new site and would hope that you participate by leaving some feedback for us on the Blog.

With the recent creation of the new regional CIBSE YEN (Young Enginners Network), we have extended the website to provide an area for the new generation to provide information, if you are interested in learning more please visit the YEN site or contact one of the YEN committee members.

Today CIBSE has 19,000 members, one fifth of which is overseas, CIBSE is an international body which represents and provides services to the building services profession.

Within the Merseyside & North Wales Region we have approximately 560 registered members.

Please participate with us in continuing to expand our expertise within the industry and we encourage you to attend events that are designed to be both informative and an enjoyable experience.

In order to communicate easily we encourage you to register your email address with us and having done so you will receive regular newsletters keeping you informed of events taking place.

In the meantime should you wish to share any thoughts with us then please feel free to contact us via Email or Blog to share your ideas.  



AGM & Seminar

Waste to Energy



CIBSE to call for more collaboration at annual conference

Cross-industry cooperation will be a key theme running through the packed schedule for CIBSE annual conference, taking place on 10-11 October at London's Olympia as part of Building Services - The CIBSE Conference & Exhibition.

CIBSE Membership

If you are involved in the building industry you can become a member of CIBSE. With eight grades of membership there is a level appropriate for everyone. Click here for full details of the different grades of membership available